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The Bullpit #178 – This is Not a Halloween Show

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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Howard Stern vs. Sirius/XM

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

howard_sirius_logoListening to Howard Stern’s impassioned rant about his lawsuit against Sirius/XM Radio this morning on the way to work was both depressing and inspiring. When you think about being unappreciated at your job, maybe you can find some comfort in knowing that Stern, who has generated billions of dollars in corporate revenue for his various employers over the years (more than anyone in the history of radio) is even unappreciated by those who benefitted most from his success.

It’s not just you; it happens to the most-talented and famous as well. We are all dispensable. It’s the nature of greed to squeeze every drop of blood from all in its path. Howard hit the nail on the head when he said that we all, including him, have a slave mentality in this country.

I don’t know the details, but from what I gather Sirius/XM is re-defining success now that they have it, and are not giving credit where it is due. Howard promised executives at Sirius back in 2004, when they had a mere 600,000 subscribers, that they would acquire XM as a result of him leaving his extremely lucrative terrestrial radio career to do his show for them. They scoffed at this idea, not believing it was possible. He made a deal with them based on his predictions which have since become reality (the company has indeed acquired XM, and amassed a grand total of over 20 million subscribers). Now Sirius/XM is refusing to pay Stern what they agreed on, citing other factors as reasons for their success.

Notice how the mainstream media is so quick to blame the victim, in this case, Howard. You may have noticed headlines like “$500 million is not enough for Howard Stern!” Since they’ve done such a great job painting him as a monster all these years, most non-listeners will immediately think, “What a greedy bastard that Howard Stern is!”

It’s this same sort of jealousy that keeps us hating union workers and voting against our own rights to keep others from having what we fear might be more comfortable lives than our own. We look over our shoulders to see what everyone else has instead of banding together to fight for what we all deserve, so we can all enjoy healthier, more secure and comfortable lives.

There’s something about America that refuses to stand up to the corporate elite. I think Howard’s rant today rang so true to me because I believe it is the same battle we should all be fighting much more vigorously. It’s the story of what will most likely be America’s downfall: our trust and worship of corporate entities; and the underestimating of the true nature of their greed.

Evangelist, Harold Camping has been wrong twice in his predictions about the end of the world coming, and he’s going to be wrong a third time on October 2. He’s taken millions from his followers, probably most of them poor. How many kids do you think went without food, medicine or clothing so that their parents’ checks could be mailed to Camping’s Family Radio International? And do you really think he believes his own bullshit? I doubt it.

War profiteering as the true motivation for war is something even the most progressive of us seem to find hard to fathom. The idea that we are killing innocent civilians in mass quantities and sacrificing our own soldiers, all for the interests of corporate profit, is almost impossible to imagine.

But documents leaked to Wikileaks have shown that we fund Pakistan who in turn funds The Taliban, our enemy, and friend of al Qaeda. We publicly decry dictatorships, while secretly arming them so that we can fight them later on. I’ve heard it described as a “calibration of violence”. We feed both sides in the interest of perpetual war for profit.

It’s a horrifying reality and the true face of corporate greed. We just can’t look at it for some reason. We can’t stand up to it. It’s total slave mentality on a grand scale. Instead of cutting the defense budget and insisting we change our blood-drenched, corporate-serving foreign policy, we blame the poor for our nation’s financial problems and vote to take away their benefits.

We give tax breaks to the super-rich. We pay no attention to the fact that some of our biggest “too big to fail” corporations are tax-dodgers. We call them job creators while they send jobs overseas in droves, despite record profits. Aid to the poor is seen as socialism, but corporate welfare in the form of bailouts is just fine with us.

Corporations will send your kid to die, lobby for deregulation against your better interests, destroy the environment which sustains our very existence, take away your job, and pay you as little as possible with as few benefits as possible, all for profit.

When Howard re-signed with Sirius/XM late last year, he idealistically spoke about why he decided to stay rather than go elsewhere. He believed they were a team, that there was more work to be done, that it was home to him, etc. It saddens me to see them put him in the position to have to take legal action against them so soon after making this decision.

Howard Stern doesn’t need Sirius/XM; he could do his show online and make a lot more money. If he left today, the company would crumble just like terrestrial talk radio did in 2005. He is a creative, a team player, a company man, and like most Americans in the eyes of the corporations we slave away for every day and blindly support against our better interests, a chump.

Stern is retiring in 2016. Perhaps Sirius/XM is clinging to every dollar because they know their days are numbered. Instead of fighting him they should be collaborating with him to plan the future direction for the company. After all, no one understands radio better than Howard Stern.