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Suggested Listening

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


Post-Thanksgiving work day. Here at the J.O.B. doing my best as usual to drown out the douchbag co-worker with podcasts. After you check out The Bull Pit Thanksgiving Special, here are some other good ones for the week: 

Rock and Roll Geek Show #380 – Host, Michael Butler plays excerpts from a KISS bootleg he bought at the Oakland KISS show. The sound quality of the music is great, and Butler’s play-by-play is hilarious. Paul Stanley has some awesome stage raps. Makes me wish I went to the show last week. If they come back, I’m going. 

Rock and Roll Geek Indie Cast #117 – Michael’s all-music companion to the Rock and Roll Geek Show this week features songs by The Devin Townsend Project, Pete Way, American Heartbreak, Replacements, Celebrity Skin, Material Issue, Cheap Trick, Poison Arrows, UFO and more. 

The Good Clean Fun Show – I’m catching up on the last two episodes of this as I write. Good drama about Butler’s day job (which I can relate to as I’m sure you can), and the boys getting kicked off of UStream for showing a film called The Sinful Dwarf. This is an awesome train-wreck style shit-talking podcast which is always entertaining. Some good rock talk as well. 

Coverville #630 The 6th Annual Thanksgiving Double-Shot Beatles Cover Story – Beatles covers by Mark Mulcahy, Paul Weller, The Smithereens, Eton Road, Nina Simone, Shawn Colvin and more. 

Sound Opinions #209 – Annual Turkey Shot. Hosts Greg and Jim are both music journalists for Chicago newspapers. They are kind of the Siskel and Ebert of music podcasting. It’s an NPR thing, pretty cool. 

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast #76 – Corey Smith made headlines when his independent music career slowly grew into a multi-million dollar business, selling out large venues… That’s this week’s description of this DIY tips show for musicians. Some good info for anyone who does online DIY marketing, music or not. I haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet but will do after GCF.

The Bull Pit #29 The Halloween Podcast

Thursday, October 29th, 2009


Featuring music by Alice Cooper, 900 Pound Gorilla, Rancid, Bull Lee, Ghouls Night Out, Calabrese, Goldblade featuring Polly Styrene and The Quintessentials.

Go to Podbean or iTunes to stream, download or subscribe. Skull artwork by Mike Dyson, Guerrilla808 Studios ( Paul Stanley intro by Donny from 900 Pound Gorilla.

Incidental music featured on this episode is from films directed by BC Furtney. Go HERE to view the trailer for BC’s upcoming New Terminal Hotel.

Music provided, in part, by MusicAlley from MEVIO.

The Bull Pit #21 Rottweilers from Hell

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

hellhoundSongs by Jet Vicious, Trashlight Vision, The Sheckies, Rocket City Riot, 900 Pound Gorilla, Derby Dolls and Headman. Paul Stanley voice impersonated by Donny, bass player and vocalist of 900 Pound Gorilla. Skull artwork by Mike Dyson, Guerrilla808 Studios ( Music provided, in part, by MusicAlley from MEVIO.

Go here to stream or download from iTunes, or go to the main podcast page on

Moving to Word Press

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

This is my third attempt at blogging. I’ve been posting to a blog for the past 6 months or so on Blogger which I called John’s Disses. I decided to keep the name. The goal is to make this blog part of my new website, and I was told by more than one person that WordPress was the way to go for that. I’m not sure how I’m going to make that happen, but I’m talkin to the HostBaby people about it. I plan to take it more seriously than I have in the past. I want to post weekly blurbs about what’s happening in my mildly interesting creative life.

I am excited about some Paul Stanley impression mp3s I received in my In Box today from my friends Donny (bass/vocals) and John (guitar/vocals) from the band 900 Pound Gorilla. They are custom IDs for my podcast, The Bull Pit. That means tonight I’m going to go straight home and create a new episode.

900 Pound Gorilla has a short rap called “KISS Coffin” on their debut, selt-titled CD where Donny does this awesome Paul Stanley impression encouraging fans to buy the KISS Coffin (officially, the item is called the KISS Kasket, the name was changed to protect all involved from the wrath of Gene and Paul, I assume). I played it on the podcast recently and it sounded so perfect in between songs, I asked them if they’d do some custom IDs. John asked me to write them some scripts, so I did. Donny read them verbatum. His impression of Paul Stanley’s stage-raps is dead on. Hilarious.

Thanks guys!

Last week, my good friend BC texted me a request for a cover: “This is the Day” by The The. I have been plugging away at it since Sunday. I attempted to Twitter my progress but it was so slow-going that I don’t think it ended up being very interesting. Just an experiment. I did learn how to post TwitPics though, so that was pretty cool. I haven’t attempted to phone them in yet but that’s my next step.

I should have the song posted on my web-site and Myspace in a week or so. I’ve almost got everything tracked. It just needs a few edits, mixing and mastering.

Look for The Bull Pit, Episode #19 featuring one of the new Paul Stanley intros. I can’t wait!