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The Bull Pit #167 – Safari Truite

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

pochette sans queue 2My friend Lucas guest-DJs.

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Be sure to check out this Nique Ton Foetus video.

Unhenged: A Coverville Tribute to Spinal Tap

Friday, December 4th, 2009


When Coverville host, Brian Ibbott, announced on the podcast over the summer that he was looking for artists to participate in a Spinal Tap Tribute CD, the workaholic in me couldn’t resist offering my services. From the menu of unclaimed songs, I chose the Tap’s “Christmas with the Devil” to cover. Brian kindly agreed to give me a shot at it.

I had my friends N and F, from the French grindcore band Nique Ton Foetus, help out with bass, lead guitar, background vocals and a creepy Devil-Santa voice (the boys were here in Los Angeles from Lyon, France for two months this summer interning for our Bull Lee Records label). You can hear an interview with them on Episode 10 of The Bull Pit as well.

Here’s the official press release for Unhenged: A Coverville Tribute to Spinal Tap:


December 4, 2009


On March 2, 1984, Rob Reiner, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Christopher Guest released what would become one of the most popular mockumentaries of all time, “This Is Spinal Tap”, starring a believable – albeit fictional – heavy metal band. But what makes a band real vs. fictional? The (core) members of Spinal Tap, David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel and Derek Smalls, played all their own instruments, wrote their own songs, released two albums, and even toured.

But they never had a tribute album. Until now.

The long-running podcast and radio show, Coverville, spent the past 8 months assembling independent artists to complete a 13-track tribute album for the band, with artists like indie favorites Paul & Storm, Arrica Rose, John Dissed, Chance, Zapruder Point and Dogs Of Winter. The album features covers of well-known heavy metal parody Spinal Tap tracks, like “Big Bottom” and “(Listen To The) Flower People”, with some tracks performed in a straight-ahead rock style, and others performed with their own tongue-in-cheek humor.

The album can be downloaded for free at:

The full tracklist and lineup for the album is:

• Hell Hole – Schnauzer Radio Orchestra

• Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight – Le Butterface

• Heavy Duty – James Ghofulpo

• Rock and Roll Creation – Dogs of Winter

• Cups And Cakes – Zapruder Point

• Big Bottom – Paul and Storm

• Sex Farm – Bongo Orkest

• Us, Stonehenge, and Them – Chance

• Gimme Some Money – Brian Grosz

• (Listen to The) Flower People – Arrica Rose

• Bitch School – Chris Cohoon

• Break Like The Wind – Dave Verdick

• Christmas With The Devil – John Dissed

Previous Coverville Media projects include a tribute to Supertamp’s “Breakfast in America”, and another for the band Squeeze, which founding Squeeze member Chris Difford used as pre-show music on his tours last summer. The Coverville podcast and radio show recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and 600th episode, and can be found at

For more info please contact Brian Ibbott: 720.352.4737 or

Dawn of the Dead

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

dawn-of-the-deadIt was an evening of horrors for me yesterday. Last night was a screening at my friend Mez’s Bitchin’ Home Theater of the original Dawn of the Dead, which I’m ashamed to admit I had never seen.

But before that, after work I dashed home in time to interview writer-director BC Furtney and Ezra Buzzington for my podcast. We talked for almost an hour about their collaboration on New Terminal Hotel, Rob Zombie (who cut Ezra out of both Halloween and H2) and a couple other of Ezra’s projects. Ezra was extremely cool and forthcoming. Since the podcast can only be 26 minutes max, I have lots of editing to do. I was up most of the night editing and will continue tonight.

The interview ran late so I called Mez who said I had time to make it to his place for the film. Luckily he only lives 10 minutes away and they were all cool enough to wait for me (and save me some veggie pizza).

The film was amazing. I had no idea how much I’d like it. Low budget, I guess, whatever. It looked better than ANY Hollywood horror thing I’ve seen in recent years. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a movie as much in a very long time. And seeing it in Mez’s theater was a real treat.

I have no desire to see the re-make (although, I was waiting for a zombie baby, and there was none). I’m sure my friends in the band Nique Ton Foetus would be disappointed, as they named their band after the zombie baby from the re-make. I gotta tell those guys to see the original. It’s beautiful.

I’ll post when the Ezra interview is up.