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The Bull Pit #144 – WARNING: Highly Totient

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

lola-luv-butt2Songs by Eddie Vedder/The Strokes/Josh Homme, Malowski, Morrison, Field Tripp, Amsterdam Station, Closed, Alex the Great, LostYears, Telstar, The Senate, The Nuclears, Blooddrunk Shenanigans and  more.

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The Bull Pit #94 – Thump the Devil

Sunday, March 13th, 2011


Music from J Shogren, Thee Spivs, M, the Mighty Quinn, The Morra, Alto Verde, Morrison, Southern Yankees, The Danvilles and The Shotgun Break.

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UPDATE: Forgot to read this email from Professor Slaughter on the show as instructed…
Dear People of the Earth, 
This is Professor Slaughter of Kranken Welpen; due to the recent temporary death of Derr Kommandant, we will be having this week’s show next week, making next week’s show last weeks, and so on, and I could continue with the math und physics involved in all this, but it would not make much sense to you all, as your brains are only large enough to receive messages and not transmit them, ipso facto, wait, wait, MR PANTS! THOSE ARE THE KOMMANDANT’S BOOTS, NOT A CHEW TOY!!
And as I was saying, due to the magnetic pull on your planet at the moment, we have been given orders not to transmit…Oh, OK Chaos, I won’t say that out loud, I mean, back in the old country, today is a very special holiday, and in recognition of said holiday, we must not work. Is that better, Chaos? HUGO! Where ist mein pop tart? UGH!!! No, no Hugo, leave Kyke alone. Ja.
You people understand. You are very understanding, ja. Did you get all that Mr Pants? Did you clean it up and edit it so it looks like I wrote this first hand? Good dog, ja.
This transcript was  brought to you by Mr Pants, bastards!