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The Bull Pit #125 – America 2.0

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

captainww2Music by Adelleda, Eric Corne, Destroy This Place, CRUD, Michael Dean Damron, Bankrupt, Leather Academy and more.

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The Bull Pit #55 – Sandbox Rebel

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

sandboxrebelMy guest this episode is Shane Sweet from Sandbox Rebel who joins me for an interview and live acoustic performance via Skype.

A multi-instrumentalist, Shane performs and composes all facets of Sandbox Rebel and blends countless styles into one. Described as “Elliot Smith meeting Zack de la Rocha,” often within a single song classical music can be heard intertwined with hip hop and alternative, or acoustic melodies meet dance with dramatic soundscaping all aimed at creating an image in the listener’s mind complete with characters, a scene and dialogue. Sandbox Rebel is a merging of the arts through music.

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The Bull Pit #53 – Get Ready for Samurai Rock n’ Roll

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

samurai rockSongs by the High School Motherfuckers, Inazuma, 900 Pound Gorilla, Tokyo Pop Stars, The Magic People and The Gentlemen.

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Luminosity, Grace and a New EP

Friday, December 11th, 2009

This week, the city of Los Angeles benefited from a surprise visit from my good friend Shyam Yadav, who is fresh off a plane from Morocco where he was working on – I’m sure he won’t want me to tell you this, but here it is – Sex and the City 2! He’s here to take a photo for his FTX 14 Soundtrack album cover.

FTX is Shyam’s French Toast and Hugs gang (you can see past FTX album covers and read about the gang here).

Last night I met up with Shyam at the Continental Gallery downtown. His roommate, Sean Sobczak’s sculptures are on solo display there all month. The show is called Luminosity. Yesterday was Art Walk and people were swarming the gallery, completely transfixed by Sean’s work. It was amazing. If you’re here in LA, you should go check out the exhibit.

When Shyam and I weren’t talking, he was busy taking pics of the sculptures for his ongoing Grace photo album project. Grace is his classic 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, and Shyam has photographed her in front of many historic monuments; including the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. He has 15 volumes of photos. Here’s a sample from last night:


It was surreal seeing hundreds of people posing and taking photos with their cameras and iPhones in front of these sculptures that I’ve seen so often while hanging out at my friends’ loft (dubbed The Justice League). Twitter must have been buzzing with illumination last night! The only thing missing was Grace, who is always parked inside the loft, behind velvet ropes, facing off with a two-headed, fire-breathing dragon.


It was a great night hanging with my good friend and seeing another friend have such overwhelming success right before my eyes. The world can be a beautiful place at times.

Grace has also made her way onto my latest album cover. When I wrote the song “When Hard Nights Fall”, the title song of my new EP, I had a vision of a car driving through the desert at night. It had to be black and classic. I didn’t think until the last minute to use Grace as a model for the cover, but I thought of it in time to get a photo from Shyam the last time he was in town (he had to take a special shot to get the right angle). Illustrator, Mike Dyson (Guerrilla808 Studios, did a brilliant job bringing her into the world I had in my head for the cover.

JD 0dViper2

The When Hard Nights Fall EP just showed up for sale on iTunes this week. I recorded it last year, roughly between the Presidential Election and New Years. Consequently, both the former and current Presidents make appearances, as well as Christmas, love, hope, despair, healing, dreams and death.

Physical CDs can be purchased here on CD Baby.

There are two more opportunities for Luminosity public viewing: Saturday December 12 (tomorrow) and the Closing Reception on December 29. Go to SandmanCreations to read more about Sean Sobczak.

Oh, and French Toast and Hugs 14 is happening downtown in January. It won’t be as pretty or glamorous as Luminosity, but it’ll be just as meaningful. More details to come…

New Downtown Photos

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

John Dissed 16

I’ve been recording solo acoustic music for two years yet only had Bull Lee band photos of me with my Les Paul. It didn’t make sense that my music was acoustic, but that all the photos of me online were with an electric guitar. About a month ago I decided to get off my ass and find a photographer to shoot me with my acoustic.

I did a Google search for rock photographers in LA and the first one I came across was Mila Reynaud. I looked at her myspace and noticed that she had shot both Nick Cave and Iggy Pop, two of my rock heroes. I was sold.

I’m sort of known for being impulsive, which probably annoys many collaborators. When I write songs I go with my first idea. When I record, I don’t labor over parts. I may do a few takes, but I make decisions pretty quickly. I figure, if it’s not right I’ll just get it right in the next song. Songs are like photographs to me; capture the moment and make decisions later about which ones are the gems. It’s only rock n’ roll, you know? I learned a long time ago that tweaking things to death only destroys them.

So, when I saw Mila’s photography, I stopped my search right there. I emailed her and within a few hours we had agreed to meet and discuss details.

I had no doubts that the shoot should happen in Downtown Los Angeles at night. When she asked where we should meet, I remembered how much I loved the look of Hotel Figueroa when I was there in April for a Fangoria Convention after-party. We decided to meet there, and see what was workable.

The bar, pool and hallways were all too dark. I remembered some friends going up to the fire escape on the top floor and suggested we give that a shot. It turned out to be a perfect spot to start our session. From there we just walked around on the streets for about three hours and she took pictures everywhere the lighting was good.

You can see the shots I picked from the session on Flickr or Myspace.

Go to Mila’s website to see more of her awesome work.

BULL LEE Live @ MarcJoseph (photo set)

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I was perusing some Kate McGray BULL LEE photographs last night and found a group of photos I hadn’t paid much attention to in a folder called bl_marcjoseph.

I don’t remember when this was, maybe sometime in 2007, we were asked to play at the MarcJoseph store on Beverly. They had no sound system so we brought a mic and Trisha sang through a tiny Peavey practice amp that was given to me by my friend Shyam. The amp is no longer with us, incidentally, but it is forever immortalized in these photos.

We set up and rocked out for a handful of friends and stragglers. The store owners loved it. The highlight of the performance was when Trisha ran outside and screamed her lyrics at the traffic on the street. That must have been a bizarre thing to see from the point of view of people walking or driving by.

I uploaded the best of the set to Flickr here.