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The Bull Pit #80 – These Boots Are Gonna Come All Over You

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

BootsFeaturing music by Ginger, Lucifer Star Machine, The Shotgun Break, The Bloody Muffs, Patty Hurst Shifter, The Fast Takers, Unquiet Nights and Switchblade Justice.

Also, Episode 7 of General Kranken Haus, “Boot Polish”. GKH is a brand new comic variety soap opera featuring gypsy punk rock legends Kranken Welpen, and the band The Goodys – two very different bands having to live together for their punishment, and our amusement.

Go to Podbean or iTunes to stream, download or subscribe. Bull Pit skull logo by Mike Dyson, Guerrilla808 Studios ( Music provided, in part, by MusicAlley from MEVIO.

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Christmas 2009

Monday, December 28th, 2009

I spent Christmas in Borrego Springs with my parents. They rented a house on the edge of town right next to the mountains. The view was stunning.


I lived in Albuquerque for a little over 2 years while studying music at the University of New Mexico. Borrego, with its enchanting desert landscape and Southwestern style art and architecture, is the place in CA that comes closest to a NM vibe. The only thing missing is the food. If you are ever in Albuquerque, be sure to stop by the student ghetto’s El Patio on Harvard, for a vegetarian burrito plate. I recommend the green chili.


It was cool spending a few days chilling out and hiking around the desert with my family. They got me a camera for Christmas and I spent a lot of time taking photos trying to learn how to use it. Other than my cheap cell phone camera, I’ve never owned a digital one.


My dad and I watched The Godfather and a handful of noir films at night. He collects them and has an extensive library of DVDs. He always has great insight into the films too, as he’s read a lot about them. The connection between the two is that the legendary badass, Sterling Hayden was in one of the noirs we watched, Crime Wave, as well as Godfather.

Driving back to LA last night, I was overcome with a wave of depression thinking about my life, music, etc. I think about things like that during this season. It’s the time of year that the “what the hell am I doing?” moments hit the hardest. I had Michael Butler’s Christmas episode of his Rock and Roll Geek Indie Cast on the iPod. I had emailed him and his daughter, Martina (who was looking for Xmas music to play on her Emo Girl Talk podcast) an mp3 of my acoustic Spinal Tap Christmas with the Devil cover. I didn’t think they’d play it as it’s neither very rock or emo, but I figured I’d do my best to promote the Unhenged Spinal Tap tribute CD that Brian Ibbott of the Coverville podcast was kind enough to include me on.

At the very end of the show, three songs from the end, Michael said he was going to play something by his “good friend John Dissed” and played the song. I was instantly overwhelmed with gratitude and my depression was lifted.

THEN the next two songs were Hanoi Rocks “Dead by Christmas” and The Ramones “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)”! Not bad, getting played on my favorite rock podcast preceding two of my favorite bands of all time. Nothing beats that, no radio airplay on any show in the world, nothing.

Michael just got back from the UK where he played bass on seven songs for his hero Ginger of The Wildhearts‘ Birthday Gig. Fans of the Rock and Roll Geek Show donated over $1,400 to get him there. I have to say that some highlights of 2009 for me were meeting Butler at the Viper Room this summer after seeing him rock out with Ginger (who I’ve since become a huge fan of), being turned on to some great music from his show that I never would have heard otherwise, and hearing this song, and my band Bull Lee, on the Indie Cast.

ging birthdaY 2009 470

Ginger got Michael into The Secret and he talks about it a lot on his various podcasts. I watched about 5 minutes of the film on YouTube and had to turn it off. It has a little too much pseudo-science for my taste (I refuse to believe, for example, that thoughts can radiate through the air and convince a stranger, completely out of sight, not to steal something). But the positive vibes Michael puts out and has had returned to him by his listeners is contagious, so maybe there’s something there that I missed. I definitely feel grateful to be considered his friend, and a once-in-a-while-contributor to his shows.

Check out Butler’s Ginger Birthday Gig recap on The Rock and Roll Geek Show, Episode 383 on iTunes or on his website.

Oh, and The Wildhearts are giving away a free song, “Zeen Requiem” here. It’s currently my favorite song of all time.

Random Monday Thoughts

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I had issues logging in to this blog for a few days. Turns out I have to go to my actual blog page and then click the Log In link. I can’t just go to WordPress and log in. Who would have known that? Thanks to HostBaby for figuring it out for me.

I’ve been listening to non-stop Wildhearts and Ginger songs for three weeks straight, bouncing back and forth between boundless inspiration and intense depression. Great songwriters do that to me. It’s easy to bury my head, forget about all the great writers in the world and feel good about my work. I did that for too long. To truly improve, we must take in all the best songs out there and go through the various phases of inspiration and depression that incur. “Sick of Drugs” is the one currently kicking my ass. I’ve listened to it 5 or 6 times today. It’s a masterpiece. Can’t wait to see Ginger knock that shit out on Wednesday at the Viper Room. I’ll post some sort of review here. I still haven’t found anyone who wants my extra ticket…

Finished my acoustic The The cover. I think it’s the best cover I’ve ever done. May be the best solo recording too. For the first time I think I’m happy with a slide performance I did. I superimposed that (on the Les Paul) with nylon guitar melody for variations of the accordion solos the original has. I should have it posted it by week’s end if I can get it mastered by then. I’ll put it on Myspace and also add it to my Secret Covers blog. If you don’t have the url and password for Secret Covers, sign my email list at and I’ll email it to you. There are about 25 acoustic covers there for free download (and more coming as I record them).

The new Bull Lee track is mastered. “Maximum Security”. I’m going to do an exclusive podcast premiere of that one before I post it anyplace. That should happen tomorrow or Wednesday.

Speaking of Bull Lee — drummer auditions have gone nowhere. Either the songs are too “easy” for them, or they want to write. Can’t blame people. I was lucky to have a drummer who thought the songs were good enough to do the Tommy Ramone thing for four years straight. As soon as we kicked into the first song with this drummer last weekend I missed Popey. Only Sim Cain from Rollins Band hits the drums like he does.

Anyone know any available drummers in LA, send em our way!