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The Bull Pit #33 – Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

thanksgivingSongs by Thomas Pace, Antiseen, By the Wayside, Babylon Bombs, Frenzel Rhom, No Use for a Name, None More Black and The Dwarves.

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New Downtown Photos

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

John Dissed 16

I’ve been recording solo acoustic music for two years yet only had Bull Lee band photos of me with my Les Paul. It didn’t make sense that my music was acoustic, but that all the photos of me online were with an electric guitar. About a month ago I decided to get off my ass and find a photographer to shoot me with my acoustic.

I did a Google search for rock photographers in LA and the first one I came across was Mila Reynaud. I looked at her myspace and noticed that she had shot both Nick Cave and Iggy Pop, two of my rock heroes. I was sold.

I’m sort of known for being impulsive, which probably annoys many collaborators. When I write songs I go with my first idea. When I record, I don’t labor over parts. I may do a few takes, but I make decisions pretty quickly. I figure, if it’s not right I’ll just get it right in the next song. Songs are like photographs to me; capture the moment and make decisions later about which ones are the gems. It’s only rock n’ roll, you know? I learned a long time ago that tweaking things to death only destroys them.

So, when I saw Mila’s photography, I stopped my search right there. I emailed her and within a few hours we had agreed to meet and discuss details.

I had no doubts that the shoot should happen in Downtown Los Angeles at night. When she asked where we should meet, I remembered how much I loved the look of Hotel Figueroa when I was there in April for a Fangoria Convention after-party. We decided to meet there, and see what was workable.

The bar, pool and hallways were all too dark. I remembered some friends going up to the fire escape on the top floor and suggested we give that a shot. It turned out to be a perfect spot to start our session. From there we just walked around on the streets for about three hours and she took pictures everywhere the lighting was good.

You can see the shots I picked from the session on Flickr or Myspace.

Go to Mila’s website to see more of her awesome work.

The Bull Pit #32 – November Stain

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

stainThis episode I premiere a new Bull Lee song called “Shitfaced”, and play songs by Edmund’s Crown, Bump-N-Uglies, Far From Finland, Art Linton, The Gentlemen and Jet Vicious.

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New BC Furtney Interview

Sunday, November 15th, 2009 sat down with writer-director BC Furtney to discuss his upcoming psychological horror feature, New Terminal Hotel. BC’s always a good interview. Here’s an excerpt:

AHM: For New Terminal Hotel you’ve stated in other interviews that you were inspired during the script writing process by music. Could you give us an idea of specific bands or songs that helped light you up to write this movie?

It was the music of Elliott Smith that gave rise to our main character, Don Malek. That beautiful-yet-melancholic feel was the essence I wanted to capture with his words, his actions, his surroundings, and his backstory. Combined with a very rainy season L.A. had awhile back and my spending more time roaming the bleaker parts of downtown, I found my way into the story pretty easily. To a lesser degree, songs by Aimee Mann & John Frusciante inspired our landscape, too. The whole thing’s a uniquely Angeleno ball of wax. Anyone who’s spent any time disillusioned, disenfranchised, pissed-off, or heartbroken in Hollywood will understand the world of the New Terminal. And if they don’t, they’re not doing it right, they must be a mannequin. A place like L.A.’s nothing if not a rollercoaster.

With artists of that caliber as inspiration for the film, I’m extremely honored to have one of my songs in the movie.

Go here to read the rest of the interview. You can view the trailer here.

The Bull Pit #31

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


Another all music show featuring songs by The Mighty Pikeys, Diamond Dogs, Zoe Vette and the Revolvers, Channel Eight, The Quintessentials, Good Riddance and Salient.

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John Dissed EP – Now on iTunes and CD Baby

Monday, November 9th, 2009

JOHNDISSEDThe latest EP of mine to show up for sale online is my first, which was recorded at the tail end of 2007.

I originally had the idea in August of that year to record an acoustic covers Christmas CD for my friends and family. At some point I decided to start writing songs and so began my transformation. Up until then I had only co-written songs for others to sing. The only singing I had done was on the Bull Lee demos which were recorded for the sole purpose of documenting the songs so the band could learn their parts. The first original song I ever recorded was Track 2, called “Sugar”, which was about a date I went on that ended with some drama.

The EP, which I did send out for Christmas that year, originally included five additional hidden cover songs that are now on my Secret Covers page (sign up for my email list here for access to over 25 free cover downloads).

Get the EP on iTunes or CD Baby. Go here to see all my iTunes releases.

The Bull Pit #30 No Lip Vol. 3 Bands

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

nlv3_cover-1024x1024-150x150This episode I feature bands from the brand new No Lip Vol. 3 compilation which came out this week on iTunes and Amazon.

Songs by 900 Pound Gorilla, Dead Sea Surfers, The Dearly Depraved, Ascending to Avalon, Bull Lee, In Transformation, Wits End and Soulfound. Check out for more info on the comp.

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Click on the banner below to name your price and download Bull Lee’s “Maximum Security” from No Lip Vol. 3.

Some Kind of Jetboy

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


The Rock and Roll Geek Forums are ablaze with talk about the latest Good Clean Fun episode, Some Kind of Jetboy. Hosted by Michael Butler (bassist for the band Jetboy) and Jasper, this was a last minute “emergency” episode, with the band’s guitarist Fernie Rod in the hot seat.

If you are a rock fan, and especially enjoy VH1 Behind the Music-type drama, you’ve got to check this out. Get it on iTunes here. I won’t give away what happens, but you won’t be disappointed.

Digital Release of No Lip Vol. 3

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

nlv3_cover-1024x1024A brand new Bull Lee song, “Maximum Security”, will be included on the latest compilation from Mohawk Bomb Records called No Lip Vol. 3, which will be sold on iTunes and Amazon starting tomorrow (physical release to follow later this month).

Also on the comp are our friends 900 Pound Gorilla. If you listen to my podcast, The Bull Pit, you’ve heard them (their bassist/vocalist Donny has also been featured on the show as the voice of Paul Stanley). The brand new 9PG song is called “Roller Derby Girl”, and you can see Bull Lee drummer, Kevin Pope and me in the video for the song here.

Below is the track list:

1) “Down” Anomie Belle
2) “Roller Derby Girl” 900 Pound Gorilla
3) “Squaranoid” Variety Workshop
4) “Already Home” Dead Sea Surfers
5) “Superbad” Rise of Saturn
6) “This Works 4 Sure” The Dearly Depraved
7) “Comfortably Apathetic” 20WT
8 ) “Shine in the Dark” Ascending to Avalon
9) “Kingdom Come” Steve Connelly and the Lesser Gods
10) “Maximum Security” Bull Lee
11) “To The Stars” In Transformation
12) “Rut-o-rama” Wits End
13) “Fuego!” Soulfound

The World’s First North American Rock Pod Tour

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


Beatnik Press Digital has announced NC female-fronted rockers, Zoe Vette and the Revolvers’ North American Rock Pod Tour,  featuring a stop in Hollywood for an interview on my podcast The Bull Pit. Here’s the band’s bio:

This band was not created, unlike many of the mainstream Artists today but, was born through the girls’ mutual Love of good Hard Rock, Distortion, Low End Bass, Thundering Drums and Gang Vocals.

ZVR Demands Respect with their unrelenting antics, raunchy riffs and catchy choruses. It takes guts to proclaim that “Trash is The New Glamour”, but these girls deliver with a Bullet!

I did the interview with Zoe back in September. You can check it out here or on iTunes.

The tour features Special International Guest, John Sinclaire:

John Sinclair is A Legendary Beatnik figure.
His exploits include being a Detroit poet, manager
of the MC5, Former leader of the White Panther
Party (a militantly anti-racist group) and being
sentenced to 10 years in prison after giving two
joints to an undercover narcotics officer.

He now resides in Amsterdam and hosts his own
Pod Cast on