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New Terminal Hotel as Pulp Fiction

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

nexgenpinupA new review in NexGen Pulp’s Spring 2010 issue provides a fresh perspective on New Terminal Hotel, parting from the dumbed-down, bloodporn junkie point of view found in most horror reviews found online.

When I first read BC’s script for NTH, I thought gothic noir. Of course it’s more than that, but as a fan of classic noir films, I was delighted by the story. I’m even more taken with the finished product. NexGen seems to feel the same way calling it an “exciting new incarnation of new film noir”, with allusions to Hitchcock, Lovecraft and Poe.

Here are a few excerpts:

“It is reminiscent of more than one pulp genre. To begin with, the setting of the seedy hotel, the murders, and the unfolding mystery as to what motivates the killer all hearken back to the classic detective stories, only the film puts the audience in the P.I.’s chair.”

“It is the character of that killer, Don Malek, that is the mystery. It is hard to tell, at first, if his actions and mannerisms are coming from twisted eccentricity or some yet to be revealed depth. It saves the first half of the film from becoming yet another Hostel-style horror film that relies on shock factor in place of character development.”

“New Terminal Hotel is an exciting new incarnation of new film noir and new pulp fiction. It is firmly rooted in the spirit of the old pulps but develops in a modern setting relevant to a modern viewer. That said, it may not be for every pulp fan, as the “genre” is a wide one. But horror fans, craving more than cheap tricks and surprise turns of character masquerading as psychological depth, will.”

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Get your copy of NTH on, and go to for more info.

Disposer Featured on SPIKE TV

Friday, April 30th, 2010


If you haven’t seen it, Spike TV is running  Disposer (2004), writer-director BC Furtney’s second contribution to Fangoria’s Blood Drive DVD series. After the Lynchian Mister Eryams was awarded Best Film of the shorts selected for Blood Drive I, Furtney decided to re-assemble his team and go straight for the sex and gore this time around. No thinking required (although I do have some theories).

fangoblooddriveNew Terminal Hotel’s Laura Leigh (who graced the covers of two Blood Drive releases) stars in both films. Apparently, Leigh’s late-night confession to a deep-seated phobia of garbage disposals led to BC writing and handing her the Disposer script the next morning.

The film co-stars Wayne Kryka, who also makes a cameo appearance in New Terminal Hotel.

The thunderous audience response to Disposer‘s theatrical premiere, opening the NY Horror Festival that year, was legendary. The film still garners requests for festival screenings world-wide.

See it for yourself.

And while you’re at it, go get your copy of New Terminal Hotel on Amazon while supplies last…

Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

michael-myers-mask-1Today the heat was even bad on the West Side so I decided to go to a movie (no air conditioning in my house). I intended on going to see Inglorious Basterds, but chose at the last second to buy a ticket for H2 instead.

I heard Rob on Howard Stern last week and the interview made me interested in seeing the film, despite the fact that all I heard was negativity from everyone I know about it. My friends are all purists though. They are John Carpenter fans who think the original Halloween was the greatest work of art ever to bless the screen.

Zombie’s Halloween won me over in the first scene by using KISS‘s “God of Thunder”. There is one scene in H2 where Laurie wears an Ace Frehley shirt, the black velvet-looking image from his first solo album. That album is high on my list of positive childhood memories so he gets props for that, no matter what (I’ll be seeing Ace in 12 days at the Viper Room and I plan to hit you all with a long fanboy review of the show the next day). In general, the visual style of the film was good as Rob’s stuff always is. Another nice touch was an Alice Cooper poster in Laurie’s bathroom.

I’m no film critic so I’m not going to pretend to be one. There are enough people out there with opinions. I just would like to say that Tyler Bates’ score was extremely boring. Rob needs a better composer.

Oh, and I hear this is the second time Zombie cut Ezra Buzzington out of one of his films. I was hoping to see E.B. but he was nowhere to be found.

The film goes a little David Lynch on us, I thought that was pretty cool. Rob said he was taking the supernatural out of the story, but I don’t see that to be the case since Michael’s visions are shared with his sister. I won’t spoil anything, go see it if you liked his take on Halloween.